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Douglas ZENA MS.D Women Series
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Douglas ZENA DZ Women Series

The Zena DZ is still the pad of choice for offensive and defensive line as well as tight-ends, defensive ends, centers, and snappers. Its low profile, streamlined design allows greater range of motion and increased vision, allowing the athlete not to be restricted 

Zena Pads history

This patented invention from Pam McQueer, former owner of the first women's professional football team in Michigan, is now reality!! After conferring with "people in the know" about the football equipment business, Mrs. McQueer turned to Douglas, to have the idea become reality. After learning that Douglas, outfits over 85% of the Div. 1 College and Universities as well as 13 Heisman Trophy Winners, several NFL teams, such as the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and Houston Texans, she felt Douglas would be the perfect fit. 

Mrs. McQueer:"As the owner of a women's football team, it was very obvious to me that due to the physical attributes of my/all players, safety was an issue, due to the improper fit of the men's pads on a female frame. Not only was safety a factor, but also comfort. We were out promoting semi pro football and we looked like a bunch of misfits. The looks projected what I believe to be an unprofessional setting. Accessibility was another issue. As by the time distributors supplied the Pro teams, and College teams, then following up with High schools, there were little or no pads available. The things that needed to be created for the women were a few "key" design changes. First, a "cupped" frontal plate for the breasts. Second, a longer shell design with a lower anchor point to hold the pads down form "riding up". And third, a low-profile, lower riding pad with a wider neck opening for mobility. Safety, fit, comfort and availability were my goals. All these design changes are part of the "ZENA" series pads, and I am proud to say that you have never worn anything like it before! Give it a try and play to your best capabilities with safety and comfort."

Douglas Women Pads ZENA MS.D Shoulder Pads

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