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Douglas Pads SP 25
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The SP series is built with the same specifications as the CP line, but only comes as a “stock” model. You cannot customize it, but you can accessorize each pad. The SP series remains one of the most affordable, U.S.A. MADE, Air-Management pads on the market. The SP series comes with a white shell and black cushion only.

This is an ideal pad for the defensive back and tailback position. Douglas has streamlined the front of the SP 25 to allow maximum mobility without sacrificing protection.

This allows for the flexibility of the coverage position as well as that as a hitter. A non-cantilevered flat pad built with a " Douglas Air Management main body cushions. A " Top redundant closed cell cushion and " Sewn in Channel System all go to form the Douglas Dual Cushioned Air Management System.

Auxiliaries are sewn to the cushion on the front of the pad for the added protection to the front deltoid and pectorals area, and the rear scapula area. A 1" Belt system is standard on this pad.
The protective padding (cushion) of the shoulder pad is made of open cell foam. Within the foam are thousands of tiny air cells. By adhering the outer fabric to the foam, a sealed environment is created trapping the air inside of the cushion. When an outside force is exerted on to the shoulder pad shell (load spreader), the force causes the shell to push on the cushion, forcing the air to move within the cells of the foam out 360 degrees, thereby lessening the blow from being felt straight in to the point of impact. There is a much wider area of dispersion, resulting in less trauma to the body.

Douglas SP 25 Series Shoulder Pads

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